Even a drug dealer can bring glory to His name!

I grew up in the South and was an athlete in basketball, football, and baseball. I lived out in the country, so I enjoyed hunting with a variety of different guns that my dad taught me how to shoot. I had a lot of friends and enjoy being around people and working together or enjoying activities like athletics, board games, and parties.

I was a former drug addict and drug dealer from 13-16 years old, but 3 days after my 16th birthday, I became a Christian, and God totally changed my life.

At 16, I started attending a Christian school and was offered some baseball scholarships, but I chose to go to a Christian college and major in Bible. I’ve served the Lord in Christian camping, pastoring, counseling, public speaking and teaching all over the United States and in foreign countries.

I love the Lord, and I want to encourage people that, even though we all make some stupid choices, God can show us His love, His grace, His mercy, and His power and can still do something with us that will help us grow stronger and bring glory to His name!

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